Month: November 2015

Surviving Thanksgiving.

Ahh Thanksgiving. Nothing like a turkey dinner and football to kick start the holidays. I mean really I’ve been seeing Christmas decorations and commercials since before Halloween- pipe down. It always seems as if everyone forgets that Thanksgiving actually exists until you wake up and realize you don’t have work that day. One scratches their head and remembers they have a turkey to put in the oven before the 25+ family members show up in 4 hours. Joy.

I’ve always felt bad for Thanksgiving, all anyone cares about in November is Black Friday (barf). I’m one of the ones who really loves Thanksgiving- mostly because the only thing I can think about is my mom’s signature Portuguese stuffing once November 1st rolls around.

I know Thanksgiving can be stressful for some; seeing family you don’t particularly want to see, eating more than big foot can fit in his stomach, and having to explain your life story 15 times in 1 day. I get it. I’ve compiled a list of a few things that may help you get through your Turkey day this year, no matter who you’re spending it with. I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me in the past!

Go out the night beforehand. BUT- don’t drink yourself into oblivion. I’ve gone out drinking the night before Thanksgiving for the past 6 years since my freshman year of college. What is better than eating a home cooked turkey dinner to cure your hangover? Comfort food = your hangover’s best friend. If you’re the one cooking the Thanksgiving meal PLEASE NOTE: prepare turkey AHEAD OF TIME. Last year I cooked for my boyfriend an our friend in NC, and thought it would be a great idea to de-gut a raw turkey while being disgustingly hungover. Bad idea. Don’t do that.

Wear your fat pants. Or don’t, it depends what kind of contest you are trying to enter yourself into with the scale later on that night. No matter what kind of “diet” you’re on, you can afford to let loose for one day. No one should have to sit there in the tightest jeans they own, uncomfortable, because those tight pants didn’t stop you from eating half of your own body weight anyway. Quit the calorie counting and obsessing over whether this slice of pie is going to break the scale- because chances are it probably will. Luckily Thanksgiving is only one day and there’s always tomorrow to get back on track.


Steer clear of saying things you’ll regret. Anytime you feel like you’re having diarrhea of the mouth, stuff it with more mashed potatoes. You don’t want to be the point of gossip at the next holiday party because you “criticized” a great aunt. We all know you’d rather be anywhere but near those types of relatives, but there’s really just no escaping it on Thanksgiving. Sit pretty and keep the wine flowing. Which brings me to my next tip…

Drink as much wine as you need. Luckily for you, most guests will be drinking as well (depending on what type of family you have). To ease the discomfort you may be feeling when faced with distant relatives, snatch a bottle and hold it hostage. You may be judged if you’re not sneaky about it, so be mindful of who’s over your shoulder. And remember, wine goes good with everything- even pie.

Be vague, very vague. Being in my early 20’s, my family can’t get enough of what I’m currently doing with my life. The answer is…NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS. As much as I know how much you’d like to get on top of the dining room table and make a PSA stating this to all, you can’t…for obvious reasons. So we’re forced to defend our current life situation, whatever that may be, while still attempting to make it seem like we aren’t complete failures. No need to get into specifics here, just a few minor details here and there to keep them satisfied.

Happy Turkey Day!!!!!

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When to drink wine.

…basically everyday. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, what have you. Kidding but…in a perfect world this would be the case. There’s nothing I love more than coming home to my cozy apartment and kitty after a long day, and cuddling up with a glass of wine and my homework for the night. In fact, I’m enjoying a glass as I type. Cabernet Sauvignon- delish.

Ok, before you assume that I’m a raging alcoholic let me state that I don’t drink wine EVERY night…just a fair amount of them. Plus they say wine is good for your health (ha). What can I say? The only thing more relaxing is realizing I don’t have to wake up at the ass-crack of dawn on a Saturday morning to work my filler job that I’ve been at since I was 15. My liver may play but a small price.

All you wine lovers out there, I’d like to share with you my absolute favorite wine currently on the market: Alamos Malbec.


Full, rich, smooth, creamy…heaven in a glass. I discovered this gem while living in North Carolina, after spending about 45 minutes to an hour in Total Wine and More. For those who don’t know what that is…it’s quite possibly the largest wine/beer store to ever exist and it’s also known as my future heaven. This wine is not only nostalgic and plain amazing, but it’s also budget friendly. About $10 for a 750 mL- not too shabby considering my post-grad entry level salary.

I’ve compiled a list of immediate needs for case y’all were wondering when it’s appropriate to have a glass- or five. This list will grow in subsequent posts.

When/Where it’s appropriate to drink wine (including qualifying life events):

  • holiday parties
  • work events (mostly to get through them)
  • to escape from social awkwardness
  • after a bad day
  • Wednesdays
  • in the presence of less-than-interesting humans
  • with your cat
  • in the shower
  • anytime really
  • Fridays
  • everyday
  • when you’re 23 and have no idea what you’re doing
  • because you can

Happy Monday, and Cheers!


What is life?

Not sure yet. Does anyone know? I’m unsure if we are ever REALLY able to figure that out.image

Until then, doing what I can to figure out my place in this new world I’ve entered called “adulthood”. Stay tuned for posts about my cat, work, grad school, fiance, wedding planning, beauty products, and recipes. Cheers!